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About the Academy

Capital Barber Academy is the first barber college in Jefferson City, Missouri. Capital Barber Academy was opened in 2019 by owner and head instructor Scott Osby. Scott became a licensed barber in 1989 after completing 1000 hours at International Hair Institute in St. Louis, MO. In 2014 he obtained his instructor's license in an effort to open the Barber Academy. Scott’s main focus is to help develop and mentor those passionate about the industry, down a path of lifelong success as licensed professionals. The facility has 8 workstations, which offers the perk of smaller learning classes and more 1:1 for technical skill learning. Scott understands life is busy, with this, CBA offers both day and night classes, as well as both part- and full-time positions.  We at Capital Barber Academy believe in a strong culture, top-of-the-line professionalism, and attentive interactions with each individual student. With this, we are transforming the Barber industry.

Scott Osby, Owner and Lead Instructor


Scott has had 20+ years in the industry. He is originally from St. Louis where he attended The International Hair Institute. After receiving his license, he attended Lincoln University in Jefferson City, where he began showcasing his talents as a Barber. He built his clientele working at the #1 shop Johnson Barber/ Beauty Shop. By 1996, he had the clientele he needed to successfully be known as one of the number 1 barbers in Jefferson City, MO. With all the experience Scott has in the industry, he's always made sure that his work always embodies Consistency, Patience, Faith, and Strong Work Ethic. Along with Great Customer Service, this foundation has gotten Scott far and has inspired him to embark on the journey of Capital Barber Academy in 2019. Scott's purpose is to teach eager entrepreneurs the basic barber technique of applying passion to a talent. 

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